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Host Sec.
1 AC²T   12   application of surface difference analysis for wear characterisation confocal white light microscope, diverse optical microscopes wear characterisation in nano-meter scale Close 01.09.2007
OPTO   2 light scattering metrology systems wear mechanisms characterisation by optical surface analysis
2 AC²T   6   calculations and practice in connection with irradiation / isotope production, low level gamma detection well hole gamma detector introduction into high sensitive wear measurement tools with radio nuclide technique Open 01.09.2008
3 ARMINES   12   multi scale modelling of lubricant interaction in tribo contacts FE calculation software tool ZeBuLon solid state modelling of lubricants Open 01.04.2009
AC²T   3 special software tools and mathematical models interconnection of plastic deformation and crystallography
4 ATOMKI   6   high sensitive wear measurement with low level activation radio nuclide technique cyclotron laboratory, high sensitive gamma acquisition, thin layer activation equipment application of high sensitive wear measurements in industry Open 01.12.2008
5 NANO    12   correlation of 3D surface parameters to wear behaviour confocal white light and complementary nano measuring tools 3D surface parameters for surface characterisation Close 01.10.2008
TUW   3 high sensitive surface characterisation by optical means
6 TUW   12   models of light scattering due to surface phenomena scanning probe techniques light scattering on surfaces Close 01.02.2008
LUT   3 tribometrology equipment inline surface measurement by diffuse light scattering
7 SKF   12   chemical model describing the relationships between the lubricant,
its chemical components and the environment on bearing performance
specialised tribometers changes of wear mechanisms due to lubricant additives Close 01.10.2008
TUW   3 AFM with fluid cell, AES, ESCA chemical bonding of advanced lubricants on metallic surfaces
8 UHANN   12   prediction of tribological functionality due to roughness parameters Hommel/Somicronic tactile 3D roughness and contour system, sample preparation devices application of 3D roughness parameters Open 01.11.2007
ITEE   3 SEM/EDS, AFM, confocal white light microscopy measurement of 3D roughness parameters
9  ITEE   12   significance of wear measurement in model tests compared to components in real applications SEM/EDS, AFM, confocal white light microscopy practical measurement of worn surfaces on nanometre scale Close 01.10.2007
SKF   3 tribometer for roller bearings with/without current flow chemical interactions between coatings and lubricants
10 LUT   12   measurement of residual stress distribution residual stress measurement by hole-drilling method HBM 3000 advances and improvements of surface engineering techniques Close 01.11.2007
11 IMPERIAL   12   simultaneous in-situ surface analysis and wear measurement on rolling sliding tribometer tests interferometer, interference microscopy characterisation of tribological surfaces of rolling and sliding bearings Close 01.01.2009
NANO   2 confocal white light microscope, complementary nano-scopic measurement tools in-situ analysis of worn surfaces 
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secondment: period of research at an other network organisation as part of the appoinment at the host organisation