Research Training Network “WEMESURF”

Characterization of WEear MEchanisms and SURFace functionalities with regard to life time prediction and quality criteria - from micro to the nano range

Manufacturing techniques of surface preparation (polishing, lapping, deposition of coating materials, etc.) have reached precision in nano-metre scale. Although it is possible to measure sub micro-metre structures of these surfaces (topography, thickness of coatings, etc.) there is hardly any information available about their functionality in tribological systems or wear characteristic due to nano-metre or even micro-metre surface effects. So there is a strong need for the development of capable measuring devices and for a higher level theoretical parameter model to predict behaviour of tribosystems and quality criteria of work pieces.
  The objective of the WEMESURF is to setup an effective and sustainable research platform for the study and development of innovative measuring methods and mathematical approaches for wear mechanisms on nano-metre scale.

The specific tasks of the work packages are:

  • Improved 3D-analysis-methods for determination of wear and chemical changes on advanced functional surfaces and coatings.
  • Improved physical/chemical analysis methods to describe chemical and metallurgical interactions between advanced lubricants and functional surfaces.
  • Set up a theoretical parameter and criteria model for wear characterisation in sub micro-metre and nano-metre scale.
  • Development of an improved micro-nano-simulation-model to describe the surface and advanced lubricant relevant interactions and wear mechanisms.
  • Economical impact of improved wear mechanisms understanding and ecological impact of wear reduction/prevention.


School on Contact Mechanics

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WEMESURF in collaboration with its partner Ecole De Mines (Center for materials) has organized a short course on Contact Mechanics for the project fellows. Please find at this link the complete program of the event:

Program of the Contact Mechanics course

ESRs and ERs Personal Pages

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In the personal page you can find the research topic of each fellow, the list of his/her presentations/papers and of course the contact details[…]

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WEMESURF template

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Here the Power Point Template that should be used for any WEMESURF Presentation

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