Agnieszka Tomala

Agnieszka Tomala (Bogus) is ESR in TUW. Her work is focused on nanotribological properties of the materials coated with hard coatings or adsorbed monoolayers of lubricant additives. Frictional properties under nanonewton load and nanowear tests are done using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). She is investigating the chemical structure of the monomolecular films using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) techniques, trying to understand how the functional groups of additives influence tribological properties.
  • Publications
    • Micro- and nanomechanical properties of diamond film with various surface morphologies

      • Bogus A, Gebeshuber I.C., Pauschitz A., Roy M. and Haubner R. Diamond and Related Materials 17(12),

  • Papers resulting from International Conference Presentations:
    • Tribochemistry of monomolecular lubricant films of ethanolamine oligomers

      • Tomala A, Gebeshuber I.C., Dörr N., Werner W.S.M. and Störi H. - Proceedings 13th Nordic Symposium on Tribology NORDTRIB, June 2008, Tampere, Finland, paper NT2008-24-3

    • Effect of base oil polarity on micro and nano friction behaviour of base oil +ZDDP solutions

      • Bogus-Tomala A, Naveira-Suarez A, Gebeshuber I.C. and Pasaribu R. - Proceedings of the 3rd Vienna International Conference Micro- and Nanotechnology - Viennano09, in press

    • Ultradünne Schichten aus Ethanolamin - energieeffiziente wartungsarme Schmierstoffe

      • Gebeshuber I.C., Doerr N. and Tomala A, - Proceedings Österr. Tribologische Gesellschaft (ÖTG) Symposium 2008 "Innovationen bei Werk- und Schmierstoffen für moderne, umweltorientierte Tribosysteme", Österreichische Tribologische Gesellschaft, (2008), ISBN: 978-3-901657-30-6, 157-169.

  • Contacts
    • email: bogus {at}
    • tel: +43-1-58801x13481
    • skype: bogusiabogus